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Summer Camp: 20th July 2020 - 29th July 2020

The ASLC Summer Camp is a ten-day long Summer Camp held in Malaysia, followed by the five-day Asian Student Leadership Conference in Singapore. All summer camp participants are expected to attend ASLC. The Summer Camp is for students who want to brush up their English before the conference. The focus will be on English presentation and the learning subject will evolve around the ASLC discussion topics. The goal is for them to gain confidence and presentation skills.


Apart from regular English lessons (half-day daily on weekdays), participants will get to experience the authentic local culture and food and go through a journey of self-discovery through exciting outdoor activities, like white water-rafting and caving. Participants will go on a half-day school exchange with a local school in Malaysia and will also visit Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in Johor Bahru for workshops. Before crossing the bridge over to arrive in Singapore, participants will also have fun at Johor's Legoland. The first activity in Singapore is a visit to Universal Studios Singapore before joining the rest of the students from the region in ASLC.

Junior: Ages 14 - 18
Senior: Ages 19 - 22

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