Conference: 29th July 2020 - 2nd August 2020

The Asian Student Leadership Conference (ASLC) is our flagship conference where youths from the Asiatic region gather in Singapore to discuss important issues such as the refugee crisis, gender inequality and the abuse of social media. The discussion topics vary every year as YA strives to ensure that the discussions are kept relevant to not only the lives of our Delegates, but also addresses a pressing need in the world.


Through a series of workshops and seminars, Delegates will learn about understanding needs, effective leadership models as well as social entrepreneurship. The focus on social entrepreneurship allows for Delegates to be aware of how can they address social issues and set up a business at the same time – thus allowing them to pursue a sustainable livelihood in the future.


Working in teams, Delegates would identify problems they experienced or observed in their respective communities, they would then come up with innovative solutions to be presented to a panel of judges who would provide feedback for the teams to work on. Most importantly, the aim of ASLC is to see confident Delegates being inspired to truly be changemakers in their respective communities.

Junior: Ages 14 - 18
Senior: Ages 19 - 22


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