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Conference: 8th January 2020 - 12th January 2020

Visit the revolutionary Bamboo school run by students! Learn from these real-life social entrepreneurs and how the school equips them with the life skills necessary to overcome challenges in rural communities.

Conference: 26th February 2020 - 1st March 2020

In this conference, participants will learn how our ways of living impact society and the environment at large. They would be equipped by a series of inspirational seminars by prominent experts and social entrepreneurs, as well as be allowed to explore for themselves the different steps Singapore has taken to reduce waste and pollution footprint during exciting site visits. With the knowledge gathered, participants can then try their hand at social business conceptualisation and present their insightful ideas to a panel of experienced entrepreneurs.

Conference: 18th June 2019 - 22nd June 2019

Conference: 18th June 2019 - 22nd June 2019

Robotics made simple: No prior experience needed! Get creative and expand your tool belt when you explore the wonders of drones and VR. Hone your problem solving skills and design innovative solutions to pressing issues through programming.

16th June 2020 - 20th June 2020

Conference: 10th July 2019 - 14th July 2019

Learn science the fun way! Discover new possibilities as you experiment with 3D printing, simulations and even rocket science - unleash your inner inventor when you take on our Invention Challenge!

Conference: 10th July 2019 - 14th July 2019

15th July 2020 - 19th July 2020

Summer Camp: 15th July 2019 - 24th July 2019

Connect with student leaders across the Asiatic and ASEAN region: Build confidence through outdoor challengers and hone your critical thinking through discussions on pertinent issues such as mental wellness and the refugee crisis. Enrich your understanding of global and regional social issues.

Summer Camp: 15th July 2019 - 24th July 2019

20th July 2020 - 29th July 2020

Conference: 24th July 2019 - 28th July 2019

29th July 2020 - 2nd August 2020

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