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Coconut School is a not-for-profit private school located on Koh Dach island in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Founded by Mr Ouk Vanday, its vision is to make people “learn to think, think to create”. Mr Vanday believes in developing strong morals in the students, and hopefully inspires change in the country.

The Coconut School is built with recycled materials. The only four subjects offered at the Coconut School are English, Math, computer studies, and recycling. The fee? Plastic. Students bring plastic from their home or community which can be used to make toys for sale or to build new parts of the school. Mr Vanday teaches math and personally tutors the older students in the school.

YA has been sponsoring mainly the English curriculum in the Coconut School since the start of 2017. We lead school excursion groups and volunteers to help develop the basic infrastructure and curriculum of the school.

Since Coconut School in Koh Dach managed to receive sufficient funding to relocate the school, YA is planning to reach out to other schools and orphanages in Koh Dach island, as well as another school in Kirrirom, 110km from Phnom Penh.

Coconut School in Cambodia
Coconut School


The main things they need currently are:

  • Completion of concrete path into the new school site 

  • Construction of new school block consisting of student dormitories, kitchen and toilets

  • Construction of multipurpose hall

  • Planting new garden

  • Building school fence out of recycled materials

For more details on how you can donate or visit Coconut School, just drop us an email at
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